Wedding Transportation

Lets face it, three are very few people who are made of money. Most of us that live in the real word have to consider budgeting or we run the rick of being helplessly in debt. When it comes to your wedding, we know budgeting is not something you really want to have to think about, but weddings can cost a ton of money before you blink an eye. Akron has some very lovely venues that run the gamut from reasonable to very, very expensive. That is why hiring a wedding planner might be something you want to consider.

Our first suggestion is to make a list of potential wedding planners. You can find prospects online, from talking to friends, or looking through the local wedding catalog. Make sure you examine past wedding they have planned and we recommend that they have at least 5 years of experience. One important factor that many people overlook is certification. Find out if the planner is certified before you add them to your list. Look at pictures or video of the wedding activities and if possible, talk to couples that have worked with them in the past and get a sense of what they are like to work with. Also, be clear about the range of services your potential planner is willing to provide. For instance, if they don't provide vendor assistance, don't add them to your list.

Narrow your search to the three you like the best and meet with each one. Feel out their personality and style. Are they flexible or do they have a preconceived notion as to what a wedding should be or look like? See if they can take your ideas and map out a quick plan right there in front of you. All of the details don't have to be there and won't be of course, but if they are good at this business, they should be able to give you a thumbnail sketch. Ask them pointed questions about what they can do with the style you desire and what kind of contacts they have in the business to bring each activity into a certain price range. You may want to ask them how many other clients they have, the last thing you want is to be competing for time with 100 other clients. Don't be afraid to ask if they feel they are able to work everything you want into your special day for the amount of money you have budgeted.

Once you have gathered all of your research, sit down patiently and compare each one. Don't use price only as your yardstick, Consider all factors including personality, style, impressions, contacts, organization, and more. Ask yourself if they were a good listener, do you feel like they talked over you and were set in their ways. How would you rate their communication skills? When you feel really good about one of the planners, call then as soon as possible to tell them you would like to move forward. Also, you will want to make sure you have a formal contract that spells out everything they will provide to you and it should be signed by both parties. If you follow these guidelines, you are well on your way to having a well planned wedding day.